This method allows an app to fetch specific messages from a conversation.

The method endpoint is and follows the method calling conventions.

Your app provides a list of message uids to fetch, and Flock will, in response, return a list of Message objects. 


tokenStringYesToken of the user on whose behalf the message is being sent
chatStringYesIdentifier for user or group for which messages are to be fetched

A comma separated list of message uids (max length: 25).

 If a message doesn't exist for any uid, it is silently skipped.

Example: ["fd4877b719b1", "59e2da001af2"]


A list of Message objects.

[ { "from": "u:1e6429de-16b7-48b3-acc0-c2d7ec5ad195",
    "to": "u:cfc76545-3400-4864-892a-513a9f4ae409",
    "uid": "fd4877b719b1",
    "text": "Hello" },
  { "from": "u:cfc76545-3400-4864-892a-513a9f4ae409",
    "to": "u:1e6429de-16b7-48b3-acc0-c2d7ec5ad195",
    "uid": "59e2da001af2",
    "text": "Hello again" } ]


Error CodeHTTP StatusDescriptionAdditional Parameters
UnknownChat400The group or userId provided in chat is not known.