You can use Flock's webhooks to send and receive messages from external services using JSON packets. An outgoing webhook sends messages from a Flock channel to an external service.

Before you create an outgoing webhook, you'll need to set up a Callback URL - an HTTP/HTTPS endpoint on your server that accepts JSON payloads. 

Callback URL

The messages are posted to your endpoint with the HTTP headers Content-Type: application/json;and Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate. The JSON payload is in the body. If you need help setting up your callback URL, contact developer support.

Create an outgoing webhook

  • Navigate to the Flock Developer Dashboard at
  • Sign in with your Flock account and click Webhooks on the left.
  • Choose to Add an Outgoing Webhook.


  • Set the Channel where the webhook should look for messages to send to an external service.


  • Give the webhook a name and an icon that will be used to post replies in Flock.


  • Enter the Callback URL that Flock should send your messages to.


  • Click on Save Settings. The outgoing webhook will post JSON packets to the Callback URL in the following format
  • ?token=<webhook-token> is appended to the callback URL while making the call so you can verify that the request came from Flock. For more info, see Flock API Documentation.