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tokenStringYesToken of the user on whose behalf the message is being sent
toStringYesIdentifier of the user to whom the message is to be sent
textStringYesText of the message
flockmlStringNoFlockML alternative to message text. If present this will be shown instead of message text.
notificationStringNoNotification to be shown for the message. If not present, text is used for the notification.

An array of user identifiers indicating users who have been mentioned in the message.
Only relevant for group messages.

sendAsSendAsNoUse this field if you want to display another name and image as the sender.

An array of attachments. Any rich content to be included with the message is sent as an attachments.
Note: Currently, there is a limitation of one attachment per message.

onBehalfOfStringNoNeeded when a bot (using a bot token) needs to send a message into a sends a message to a channel. Set its value to the id of the user on whose behalf the bot is sending a message – this must be a user who has installed the app, is a member of the channel, and can post messages to the channel. Since bots cannot join channels right now, the user whose id is provided in onBehalfOf is used to check channel membership and posting permissions. See how bots can send a message to a channel.
visibleToArrayNoUse this to display the message to a limited number of members in a channel. Its value should be an array of user ids.