This event is generated when a user clicks on the <action> element in a FlockML attachment or message.

    "name": "client.flockmlAction",
    "userId": "u:8c67055b-202f-4ffe-a18f-1c4553a50175",
    "userName": "Alyssa P. Hacker",
    "chat": "u:1e6429de-16b7-48b3-acc0-c2d7ec5ad195",
    "chatName": "Ben Bitdiddle",
    "messageUid": "fda6144e-c925-487f-92ed-9e0956a4263c",
    "actionId": "act1"

Event Attributes

Attribute NameAttribute TypeAttribute Description
userIdStringUser identifier
userNameStringName of the user
chatStringId of the user or group whose chat tab was open
chatNameStringName of the user or group whose chat tab is open
messageIdStringid of the message


StringUid of the message
attachmentIdStringid of the attachment
actionIdStringid of the action that was pressed