This event is triggered when a user presses the message action button.

If your app enables this button, it will be provided next to every message. It will also be provided if a user selects multiple messages.

client.messageAction Event
    "name": "client.messageAction",
    "userId": "u:cfc76545-3400-4864-892a-513a9f4ae409",
    "userName": "Alyssa P. Hacker",
    "chat": "u:1e6429de-16b7-48b3-acc0-c2d7ec5ad195",
    "chatName": "Ben Bitdiddle",
    "messageUids": [ "fd4877b719b1", "59e2da001af2" ]
    "messages": [ { "from": "u:1e6429de-16b7-48b3-acc0-c2d7ec5ad195",
                    "to": "u:cfc76545-3400-4864-892a-513a9f4ae409",
                    "uid": "fd4877b719b1",
                    "text": "Hello",
                    "timestamp": 1481808450532 },
                  { "from": "u:cfc76545-3400-4864-892a-513a9f4ae409",
                    "to": "u:1e6429de-16b7-48b3-acc0-c2d7ec5ad195",
                    "uid": "59e2da001af2",
                    "text": "Hello again",
                    "timestamp": 1481808450533 } ]

In addition to the chat in which the message action button was pressed, Flock also provides a list of messages uids for which the button was pressed. If your app needs more information about the messages, it should call the chat.fetchMessages method.

Optionally, Flock might provide the entire Message object alongwith the event itself, so you can skip calling chat.fetchMessages if the messages attribute is present. Note that this attribute is strictly optional however (especially when many messages have been selected). Your app should not depend on the presence of this attribute.

Event Attributes

Attribute NameAttribute TypeAttribute Description
userIdStringUser identifier
userNameStringName of the user
chatStringId of the user or group whose chat tab is open
chatNameStringName of the user or group whose chat tab is open
messageUidsArrayAn array of message uids

An array of Message objects. This is an optional attribute that may not always be present.

If present, this allows you to skip calling chat.fetchMessages


Your app can respond with a text value – this should be a short (upto 100 chars) string that is displayed to the user who pressed the button.

    "text": "<toaster message>"


  1. messageUids
    limit no of uids here also
    1. For this to happen we have to limit the number of messages a client can multi-select at once. I don't want to restrict that unless there are specific concerns regarding this.

      1. There is a limit on oms packet size 50kb

        1. That's more than sufficient for the list of uids in messageUids.

          messages is a problem, which is why we've made it optional. Clients will not send the messages array if number of selected messages is more than one.