How do I create a FlockOS app?

  1. To get started, visit our Developer Dashboard, and click on Start Creating a Flock App. Fill in the information requested and Click on the Save button to create the app
  2. Specify your Event Listener URL. This is an HTTPS endpoint provided by your app. Flock will send events to this endpoint (including app.install which provides you with an authentication token for each user who installs the app).
  3. At this point you are all set to send messages and attachments to Flock.
  4. You may choose to configure the following optional capabilities:
    1. Your app's Bots
    2. Launcher Buttons
    3. Chat Tab Buttons
    4. Attachment Picker Button
    5. Slash Commands
    6. URL Preview
  5. Copy your App Secret. This is a shared secret between Flock and your app which is used by Flock to sign Event Tokens. Make sure this value is never known to any third party.
  6. Read the Events page to understand how events are sent to your event listener URL, or sent to a widget or the browser.
  7. Read App Installation on what happens when a user tries to install your app.

How do I install and test my app?

Click the Install button on the app page in your Developer Dashboard. This will trigger the install sequence described next and install the app into your own Flock account.

What happens when a user installs my app?

When a user initiates an app install, the following happens in sequence:

  1. The app.install event is sent to your event listener URL. Note: Your event listener must respond to this event with an HTTP 200 status code in order for installation to succeed
  2. Your app should save the authentication token (as the attribute token) sent in the request. You will need this token to make method calls.
  3. The user is redirected to the app configuration URL configured by you. You may use this URL to present settings / configuration and any instructions. Note: You will receive an event token as a query parameter to your configuration URL. You must authenticate the user using this event token before taking any action

How do I publish my App?

To publish your app to the Flock App store, go to the app page in the developer dashboard, and click the Publish button. This will list the app in the Flock App Store just for your team. To publish your app for every Flock user, get in touch with us.

How can a user Install my app?

A user can install your app from the Flock App Store once you have published it